Wednesday, 30 March 2011

This week i shall be mostly....

This week i shall be mostly doing, nothing. Very slow and unproductive week. Was feeling very tired after work on saturday and this continued into sunday. And then in general felt very unmotivated to do any art work at all monday and tuesday. But i did buy a bike!

I found the peace lilly painting really slow, so i have hardly done any work on it:

So then i started a quick sketch on top of a DAZ3D model head which i sometimes do when i'm bored or cant seem to get focused on a bigger piece. But it nearly annoyed me more than what i was supposed to be working on! Here it is:

So i'm not sure where i'm going to from here, maybe i need a break from painting, or just a holiday in general. I'm back again thinking about 'objects' again. Like spark plugs or take-away coffee cups etc and drawing them centered on a coloured backround, similar to my AK47 that i did last year:

Now this piece took a LONG time to do, and i used an initial 'tracing' at the start to make sure it all held together nicely. I tend to not use this 'tracing' device anymore, but i had started a few other works using this system, one being a 'plan view' of a red onion, the other being a water overflow inlet from a household bath, and a 'plan view' of a small brass screw:

These three pieces also took a long time to do, but i like them! So i might return to painting these type of single objects, but i have to try and find a way to do it a bit faster yet still keep the detail. So should i finish the peace lilly? Or should i leave it sit for a while and start painting spark-plugs? These are the questions that keep me awake at night...


  1. My god tom.. you're a detail fiend. That onion looks amazing though! Nice work.

  2. Yeah i am pretty mad for the old detail!!