Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Getting back to painting

Finished this yesterday, but not sure if it really is finished, it could do with a lot of sharpening up, but i will leave that to another day or days. I'm trying to make my work look as 'realistic' as possible at the moment, i bought a book on Carravagio recently and he always kept things real (yo) so i guess i'm just trying to improve my observation skills and really learn to look properly at what i'm painting.

And here is a work-in-progress (wip):

I've been watching a fella on youtube who has free tutorials posted up on how to draw portraits, and i think he's really good!! I had stopped painting there for a while and after watching a few of his lessons i kinda got the confidance to jump right back into it. You can find lesson one here if anybody is interested:

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