Sunday, 26 February 2012

This week i shall be mostly doing quick sketches

Having gotten fed up with taking half a life-time to paint a basic picture i decided to knock out a few short sketch pieces, for practice really, as a way to get a capture of something pretty fast. Most of these took about an hour, tho really they took about 20 minutes each, cause i do pause constantly to check important things on the internet,  like for example: which is a really good interview with william gibson. Enjoy!!

Oh yeah, here are the pictures...




'F**king hell it's hot!!'

'I am not just a duck!!'



Monday, 13 February 2012

It's London, isn't it?

Oh bloody hell i had a full blog written there and i've f#*king lost it!! AAAAGGGGHHH!!

Right i'm not going to write it out again (it wasnt very good anyway). Here's a pretty picture i painted of London in the fog, from a photo i took last november from Hampstead Heath looking towards the City. I really like the look of Tower Blocks but had never painted one, and i'm so f*@king slow i reckon they could build them quicker than i painted this one!! Lot's of stuff wrong with this piece but i is finished with it. Hope anybody likes it...?