Monday, 7 May 2012

Still Life

I've been working on a still-life for about the last two weeks, or about 15 hours all together, from a photo i took in the kitchen, happy enough with the end product tho could always be sharper and more aligned. But it all comes down to time. Also my handwriting has always been really bad so the text on the objects ain't too good. But on the plus side i do like the way the glass on the, things made of glass, looks. If that makes sense. I think it does. Loads of ideas for still-life things, some more difficult than others. I started a new one today which i like gonna put the sketch up too, hope ya'll maybe like a little bit?

Ps, click on the images to see them a bit sharper...

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Much ado about drawing

Continuing on from my last blog, here are some more quick drawings that i've done over the last week or two:

I'm posting them in roughly the order in which i painted them.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

This week i shall be mostly doing quick sketches

Having gotten fed up with taking half a life-time to paint a basic picture i decided to knock out a few short sketch pieces, for practice really, as a way to get a capture of something pretty fast. Most of these took about an hour, tho really they took about 20 minutes each, cause i do pause constantly to check important things on the internet,  like for example: which is a really good interview with william gibson. Enjoy!!

Oh yeah, here are the pictures...




'F**king hell it's hot!!'

'I am not just a duck!!'



Monday, 13 February 2012

It's London, isn't it?

Oh bloody hell i had a full blog written there and i've f#*king lost it!! AAAAGGGGHHH!!

Right i'm not going to write it out again (it wasnt very good anyway). Here's a pretty picture i painted of London in the fog, from a photo i took last november from Hampstead Heath looking towards the City. I really like the look of Tower Blocks but had never painted one, and i'm so f*@king slow i reckon they could build them quicker than i painted this one!! Lot's of stuff wrong with this piece but i is finished with it. Hope anybody likes it...?