Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Peace frog

I've started a new digital painting, a pretty hard one too. It's of a flower called a peace lilly, which is sitting on the kitchen table. I'm using a photo of it as reference, as i draw stuff on my cintiq 12 which i have plugged into my pc in 'the computer room' upstairs. The cintiq is really great, and i would recommend anybody with the cash to buy one. I'm drawing this time again using the hard edged brush only, so far anyway, i might use the airbrush for sections of the leaf. There is a lot of detail in this one too so it is very slow work, about 5 hours so far, and i reckon it'll be up on the 20 hour + mark if i manage to stick with it! Also it is back to the more 'realistic' style, previous piece was meant to look slightly 'cartooney' or 'illustrated'. And i'm working at the 100% level, which means that instead of drawing fast large strokes, i'm zooming right into full view to draw the detail, takes a lot longer but should look better, provided i don't go mental during the process!!

Here's what it looks like so far...:


  1. You detail loving fiend.. Looks go so far. Interested to see the final piece..

  2. Well i'll prob crop it cause i really can't be arsed painting in a backround.. It's really an excercise in colour and form and yes, detail!! I've kinda jumped in at the deep end a bit on this one Nick, cause that stamen (i think it's called) has shadows and light bouncing all over the place, it's pretty hard to represent. Still gonna do my best... i tried a digital painting of a rose way back a few years ago before i ever had a drawing pad, gave up about half way thru so hopefully i will keep motivated on this one.