Monday, 7 March 2011

Fought so poorly and gave up so easily...

Perhaps its my mood or something, but i'm getting slightly bored and a bit annoyed with this bird study, so it's starting to feel a bit like work, unpaid work at that! These two pic's will illustrate how far i've got in the last few days:

That's right, not very far.. So i'm gonna look for something else to draw. 

Thanks to Nick for putting me on to a guy called Frank Reilly, i'm looking at his method at the moment :
Not sure if i can follow a lot of it tho, i remember as a teenager buying books along the lines of 'How To Draw Amazing Comic Book Characters In 7 Days!!' and they would seperate the body into balls and rectangles and things like that, i could never follow it. Tho i really like his ideas on light and planes and shadows and so forth, so i'm gonna do my best to understand them. Wish me luck!

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