Friday, 23 February 2018

Short Animation Loop

Short Animation Loop

Over the past week I have been putting together a short test animation, which is mainly a slow motion loop with some particle effects in the foreground/background. It started off where I was trying to make a more complicated hair and upper body rig for a 2D character in Maya. The short story is that I totally overcomplicated things, didn't think ahead, and ran into a tonne of problems. Anyway, I learned a lot and that is the main thing :)

I also had some serious problems with RenderMan for Maya 2018, and I can't resolve them at all, so I have had to revert to the Maya Software renderer. This actually isn't bad, because I am going for a very flat, slightly old-school type 2D look, so I don't need a whole suite of time-expensive render options, and the main thing is that I am trying to teach myself custom-rigging, so i'm not unhappy. Bear in mind that this is a test, so there will be some very obvious mistakes in there.  

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