Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Liberty 2018

Re-Working Old Work

I finished college about 6 months ago and I have floundered a bit since then, due to a large number of interrelated circumstances that there is no need to go into here. In order to kick start myself creatively I decided to re-work an old drawing, and try and update it a bit. This work originally started out as a pencil drawing using a reference photo that was printed in the Sunday Times Magazine in around 2006 maybe. I scanned the drawing and then did a bit of messing with it in Photoshop. I think that version of it got into an Exhibition in Longford, and I think I entered it into some other exhibition, and i'm pretty sure it got robbed somewhere along the way, because around that time you had to actually drop the print ready-framed to a gallery, you couldn't send jpegs like today. 

Anyway, I think i reworked it around 2010, this time I had got a Wacom Tablet, so I was messing with soft gradients through brush strokes, and i don't think I was too successful, but I did try. 

The third reworking I started in December 2017, and then abandoned it for a few weeks and then took it up on 'Blue Monday', 15 Jan 2018. I'm still not totally sure if I have done a good job with it, but I am going to move on to something else. 

Liberty, 2017-2018 Re-working

Liberty (Detail), 2017-2018 Re-working

Newton Dreams of Klimt, 2010 Re-working

Newton Dreams of Klimt, 2006

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