Sunday, 4 December 2011

'When do you think his commitment waned?'

Well i just finished a piece last night that i've been working on for i don't know how long. I'm trying to train myself to stick with what i started and not leave pieces half finished. So far i think i'm succeeding. Am i learning anything tho? Patience maybe... But it nearly drove me mad in the end! The hair took so long that i might not have put as much effort into the last section as i did in the earlier parts, hence the title to this post: 'When do you think his commitment waned?'. As any Father Ted fan can answer, 'towards the end' of course!!

Seeing it posted here makes it look a bit starker than it looks on the wacom monitor... but it will have to do!! Heres a link to the reference pic used from

Next week i think i'm gonna spend time doing quick sketches, before i knuckle down and do another long piece. May or may not post the results, may or may not actually do the sketches! Cause it's going to be a mental week in my 'other reality' ie my day-job. I expect there to be a lot of screaming and shouting tomorrow morning on the floor.. 

Since i last posted i was in London in merry old England to see a few friends and relatives and also to go see this great exhibition in the Tate Modern: Gerhard Richter, Panorama Really, really great works here and i would recommend anybody going to visit London in the next while to give it a look, the 'realist' works on display are particularly interesting (for me anyway, i like abstract work too but wasn't too taken with some of his abstract work). He calls it 'Capitalist Realism' which i think is a great way to describe it! 

Anywho, was trying to find a link there to the Father Ted episode i was alluding to, it's called 'And god created woman', it's the one where he meets a novel writer who is going to become a nun, 'Best of luck with the book' and all that. But youtube wont allow me to watch it without setting up a seperate channel so i can watch it on 4od or some such malarky so i'm not going through all that nonsense. 

Comments always welcome...

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