Wednesday, 25 May 2011

More cosmic bubbles in space

I was trying to DIY block mount today... Not the easiest thing in the world to do i might add. The results were mixed to say the least, tho i do remember back to the first printed canvas i stretched, that was pretty pretty bad! The trick is getting the mdf cut straight, then orienting the print onto it, well, duh!! Anyway the reason i'm looking at this angle is cause the abstract stuff i'm doing right now is fairly sharp looking, so a canvas print will deaden that sharpness, a high gloss print is whats needed. But there is no way in hell, (hell, i tell you) that i can afford to get stuff professionally block mounted. So it's gotta be DIY. So maybe if i start out on some small prints and get them right, then i can maybe get a large sheet of mdf cut professionally, like A3plus or even A2 or go totally mental and get an A1 cut, then print a massive photo print and paste it on, i think it would look pretty pretty pretty good!!

Here's the two latest psychedelic freak-outs:

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